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Yikes! Workshop Testimonials

David Barnett
Mind Grind Web Design

“Having known Rick, I figured I knew everything he does — why do I need to go to Yikes!? I figured I’d just show up and support him. Well, during the couple of hours I thought I was supporting a friend, I found out a bunch of things I didn’t know. I now realize just doing something is not as important as doing it the right way. Planning for where business is coming next year is more important than just figuring out where business is coming from next month. I’m now actually doing steps that’ll get me new business. The one-two punch was how Yikes! dealt with networking expertise combined with sales and marketing. I would recommend the Yikes! Workshop to anybody.”

Bob Johnson
Coronado Catering

“The Yikes! Workshop was by far the best ‘Rick I’ presentation I’ve ever attended. It was excellent from the standpoint of all the material presented. The presenters condensed the information, and I walked away from the workshop with a wealth of strategies and great ideas I can implement and utilize in my social media, LinkedIn and more. It was an excellent experience, and I would highly recommend Yikes! to anybody in business.”

Eric Lonigro
San Diego Coast Rentals

“During the Yikes! Workshop I learned a lot of new and interesting information — quality information. One of the easy things we learned was how to use simple tools. For example, wearing your BNI lapel pin can be a conversation starter. After hearing that, I actually put it into use that very evening. Right off the bat, it generated a referral for me that I believe will lead to business in the future.”

Kirk Texeira
Workout with Kirk

“I recently attended the Yikes! Workshop – it was incredible! I was concerned about not having the time. I had to move a lot of customers. The money was also a piece. I was concerned that I already knew the material. But I have to tell you, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I started implementing the strategies the moment I left. I am actually communicating with my potential customers. They’ll be thinking of me when they make a decision about changing their life through health, fitness and wellness. I recommend the Yikes! Workshop. Thank you!”

Ross Wood
Double Diamond Insurance Services

“When the Yikes! Workshop became available, I jumped at it! We actually hired a new employee shortly after I had signed up, and we decided to send her along with me to get an idea of what she could do for marketing. She too was just completely blown away by the Yikes! presentation. I got so many good tips – so many things that are going to turn into money for me. Yikes! helped me identify and focus on the things that are important in my business while downplaying the things that aren’t working. I would highly recommend anything Rick does.”

Suzanne Rhodes
Proforma Pepper Promotion

“As a small business owner, I find myself getting bogged down in the day-to-day minutia of transactions. After attending the Yikes! Workshop I was reminded of systems and procedures to work smarter, not harder. Going to a Yikes! Workshop provides you with systems, processes, and great suggestions to get your networking and business going in the right direction. I highly recommend it.”

Yoav Herman
Graphic Designer

“I come from Israel. Since I came to the U.S., I’ve been bombarded with endless gurus and specialists who promise you everything — from being rich to attaining the American dream. There is so much information. Most of the charlatans give you nothing. But, when it comes to the Yikes! Workshop, I was really impressed. It was one of the few places that actually provided the value they promised. Unlike many others, Yikes! actually gave me real applicable tips I can use to grow my business. This is the difference between those who promise you and those who actually provide what they promise. That is the value of the Yikes! Workshop.”

Jeannie Mann, CPA
Withers & Mann LLP

“I hesitated about going to Yikes! because I had just come back from vacation and I was so busy. But, it was well worth going. I’ve already made my money back with the suggestions that were given during the 4-hour workshop. I would highly recommend the Yikes! Workshop to any business owner.”

David Tucker
Right Now Communications

“I do a lot of workshops and trainings. I’m one of those people that have workshop burnout – and I just don’t have the time. But I was invited to the Yikes! Workshop, and I learned new techniques for referral marketing. Referral marketing is basically 50 percent of my business. The techniques they taught were things you could take instantly and use in your business. As a matter of fact, during one of the breaks I started talking to a couple of people – using some of the techniques and actually generated two new clients from the audience. Yikes! is definitely valuable. It’s not one of those multi-day workshops. It’s a half day and well worth it — highly recommended.”

Sarah Jane O’Neil
Massage and Cranial Sacral Therapist.

“The Yikes! Workshop was good investment of my time. It gave me systems to put in place to help me improve my business, and it showed me how to work smarter, not harder. I am integrating the tools I received at the workshop and using it in my business to create structure and design an easier flow of the administrative aspects of my business. I highly recommend Yikes! to other solopreneurs like myself.”

Pam Russell
The Full Potential

“I recently attended the Yikes! Workshop with my husband. He’s attended sessions with me before, and I have to say I’ve never seen him get excited about networking ideas and really embrace them. He’s now looking at this whole world of networking and figuring out what he can do to make himself more visible. He’s spending time on his LinkedIn profile and implementing the things he learned from Rick and Phil. Thank you Yikes!”


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