Yikes! Workshops January 2016

Get more business in less time by attending the Yikes! Workshop

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San Diego, CA
Tuesday January 26, 2016
9:00AM to 12:00PM

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San Diego, CA
Tuesday May 17, 2016
9:00AM to 12:00PM

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Yikes! Workshop is Not for Everyone

Just people who want to make the time they spend in online and face-to-face networking count — BIG TIME!

With Yikes! you will:

Realize a bigger income is achievable!
Learn how to fish in the right pond.
Get more business from existing clients.
Walk away with proven easy referral marketing strategies.
Assess whether your networking is effective and efficient.
Gain a global understanding of what LinkedIn does.
Get insider information on leveraging the synergy between face-to-face networking and LinkedIn.
Take away easy actions to generate more business in less time.

“I hesitated about going to Yikes! because I had just come back from vacation and I was so busy. But, it was well worth going. I’ve already made my money back with the suggestions that were given during the 4-hour workshop. I would highly recommend the Yikes! Workshop to any business owner.”
Jeanne Mann, CPA
Withers & Mann LLP

“I come from Israel. Since I came to the U.S., I’ve been bombarded with endless gurus and specialists who promise you everything — from being rich to attaining the American dream. There is so much information. Most of the charlatans give you nothing. But, when it comes to the Yikes! Workshop, I was really impressed. It was one of the few places that actually provided the value they promised. Unlike many others, Yikes! actually gave me real applicable tips I can use to grow my business. This is the difference between those who promise you and those who actually provide what they promise. That is the value of the Yikes! Workshop.”
Yoav Herman
Graphic Designer

Rick Itzkowich

aka Rick I – The LinkedIn Guy!

  • International Speaker, Author & Trainer
  • 2X President of BNI Del Mar Chapter San Diego, CA

Rick is a genuine people connector. He understands and practices networking like few others. He creates turnkey tools that meet today’s demand to increase referrals and sales.

His informative and entertaining live presentations, along with articles and interviews, on adding LinkedIn to a company’s marketing are in high demand. Rick earned the 2011 Best Speaker Award at the Dubai “You Learn Twit Face” International Social Media conference. And, just this year Rick has presented in Dubai, the UK and India.

Rick Itzkowich “Rick I. The LinkedIn Guy!”
Phone: (858) 456-7653

“I do a lot of workshops and trainings. I’m one of those people that have workshop burnout – and I just don’t have the time. But I was invited to the Yikes! Workshop, and I learned new techniques for referral marketing. Referral marketing is basically 50 percent of my business. The techniques they taught were things you could take instantly and use in your business. As a matter of fact, during one of the breaks I started talking to a couple of people – using some of the techniques and actually generated two new clients from the audience. Yikes! is definitely valuable. It’s not one of those multi-day workshops. It’s a half day and well worth it — highly recommended.”
David Tucker
Right Now Communications

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